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101. No way to free storage for vector and deque

Section: 24.3.11 [vector], 24.3.7 [array] Status: NAD Editorial Submitter: AFNOR Opened: 1998-10-07 Last modified: 2016-01-28

Priority: Not Prioritized

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Reserve can not free storage, unlike string::reserve

[ 2010-02-13 Alisdair adds: ]

This issue has been revisited and addressed (755, 850). This issues should be reclassified to NAD Editorial to reflect this action.


This is not a defect in the Standard. The LWG has considered this issue in the past and sees no need to change the Standard. Deque has no reserve() member function. For vector, shrink-to-fit can be expressed in a single line of code (where v is vector<T>):

vector<T>(v).swap(v);  // shrink-to-fit v