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16. Access to members of indirect private base classes

Section: 11.8.3  [class.access.base]     Status: CD1     Submitter: unknown     Date: unknown

[Moved to DR at 4/01 meeting.]

The text in 11.8.3 [class.access.base] paragraph 4 does not seem to handle the following cases:

    class D;

    class B {
        int i;
        friend class D;

    class C : private B { };

    class D : private C {
        void f() {
            B::i; //1: well-formed?
            i;    //2: well-formed?
The member i is not a member of D and cannot be accessed in the scope of D. What is the naming class of the member i on line //1 and line //2?

Proposed Resolution (04/01): The resolution for this issue is contained in the resolution for issue 9..