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1396. Deferred instantiation and checking of non-static data member initializers

Section: 13.9.2  [temp.inst]     Status: C++23     Submitter: Jason Merrill     Date: 2011-09-22

[Resolved by issue 2631, which was accepted as a DR at the November, 2022 meeting.]

Non-static data member initializers get the same late parsing as member functions and default arguments, but are they also instantiated as needed like them? And when is their validity checked?

Notes from the October, 2012 meeting:

CWG agreed that non-static data member initializers should be handled like default arguments.

Additional note (March, 2013):

Determining whether a defaulted constructor is constexpr or not requires parsing the class's non-static data member initializers; see also issue 1360.

CWG 2022-11-11

Resolved by issue 2631.