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1253. Generic non-template members

Section: 13.9  [temp.spec]     Status: open     Submitter: Nikolay Ivchenkov     Date: 2011-03-06

Many statements in the Standard apply only to templates, for example, 13.8 [temp.res] paragraph 8:

If no valid specialization can be generated for a template definition, and that template is not instantiated, the template definition is ill-formed, no diagnostic required.

This clearly should apply to non-template member functions of class templates, not just to templates per se. Terminology should be established to refer to these generic entities that are not actually templates.

Additional notes (August, 2012):

Among the generic entities that should be covered by such a term are default function arguments, as they can be instantiated independently. If issue 1330 is resolved as expected, exception-specifications should also be covered by the same term.

See also issues 1484 and 1626.

CWG 2022-11-11

With the introduction of the family of terms "templated entity", this has mostly been addressed. The remaining open issue is the timing details of the parsing of the complete-class contexts.