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1626. constexpr member functions in brace-or-equal-initializers

Section: 7.7  [expr.const]     Status: dup     Submitter: Daveed Vandevoorde     Date: 2013-02-19

The Standard should make clear that a constexpr member function cannot be used in a constant expression until its class is complete. For example:

  template<typename T> struct C {
    template<typename T2> static constexpr bool _S_chk() {
      return false;
    static const bool __value = _S_chk<int>();

  C<double> c;

Current implementations accept this, although they reject the corresponding non-template case:

  struct C {
    static constexpr bool _S_chk() { return false; }
    static const bool __value = _S_chk();

  C c;

Presumably the template case should be handled consistently with the non-template case.

CWG 2024-06-28

CWG opined that, contrary to the assertion in the issue, the treatment of non-templated class definitions should be changed to more closely resemble templated ones. This direction is covered by issue 2335.