File System TS Issues List (Revision 4 Draft 1)

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Reference ISO/IEC TS 18822

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Not Prioritized (12 issues)

Issue Status Section Title Proposed Resolution Priority Duplicates
63 New X [fs.op.file_size] Enable efficient retrieval of file size from directory_entry Yes
68 New X 8 [class.path] path::operator+= is defined, but not operator+ Yes
74 New X 8.5 [path.itr] Bidirectional iterator requirement on path::iterator is very expensive Yes
73 New X 15.33 [fs.op.status] status() effects cannot be implemented as specified Yes
72 New X 15.19 [fs.op.is_empty] Should is_empty use error_code in its specification? Yes
69 New X 14.1 [rec.dir.itr.members] ¶39 recursive_directory_iterator effects refers to non-existent functions Yes
70 New X 15.36 [fs.op.system_complete] system_complete refers to undefined variable 'base' Yes
71 New X 15.3 [fs.op.copy] Errors in Copy Yes
64 New X 8.4.3 [8.4.3], 8.6 [path.non-member] operator / (and other append) semantics not useful if argument has root No
65 New X 4.8.5 [path.modifiers.remove_filename] remove_filename() post condition is incorrect Yes
66 New X throughout Bitmask operations should use bitmask terms No
67 New X 8.4.9 [path.decompose] path::root_directory() description is confusing Yes