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927. Dereferenceable should be HasDereference

Section: 99 [allocator.concepts] Status: NAD Concepts Submitter: Pablo Halpern Opened: 2008-10-23 Last modified: 2016-01-28

Priority: Not Prioritized

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99 [allocator.concepts] contains a reference to a concept named Dereferenceable. No such concept exists.

[ Daniel adds 2009-02-14: ]

The proposal given in the paper N2829 would automatically resolve this issue.

[ Batavia (2009-05): ]

This particular set of changes has already been made. There are two related changes later on (and possibly also an earlier Example); these can be handled editorially.

Move to NAD Editorial.

Proposed resolution:

Change all uses of the concept Dereferenceable to HasDereference in 99 [allocator.concepts].