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880. Missing atomic exchange parameter

Section: 33.5 [atomics] Status: Resolved Submitter: Lawrence Crowl Opened: 2008-08-24 Last modified: 2016-01-28

Priority: Not Prioritized

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Duplicate of: 942


The atomic_exchange and atomic_exchange_explicit functions seem to be inconsistently missing parameters.

[ Post Summit: ]

Lawrence: Need to write up a list for Pete with details.

Detlef: Should not be New, we already talked about in Concurrency group.

Recommend Open.

[ 2009-07 Frankfurt ]

Lawrence will handle all issues relating to atomics in a single paper.

LWG will defer discussion on atomics until that paper appears.

Move to Open.

[ 2009-08-17 Handled by N2925. ]

[ 2009-10 Santa Cruz: ]

NAD EditorialResolved. Solved by N2992.

Proposed resolution:

Add the appropriate parameters. For example,

bool atomic_exchange(volatile atomic_bool*, bool);
bool atomic_exchange_explicit(volatile atomic_bool*, bool, memory_order);