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637. §[c.math]/10 inconsistent return values

Section: 28.7 [c.math] Status: NAD Editorial Submitter: Bo Persson Opened: 2007-02-13 Last modified: 2016-02-01

Priority: Not Prioritized

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28.7 [c.math], paragraph 10 has long lists of added signatures for float and long double functions. All the signatures have float/long double return values, which is inconsistent with some of the double functions they are supposed to overload.

Proposed resolution:

Change 28.7 [c.math], paragraph 10,

float int ilogb(float);
float long lrint(float);
float long lround(float);
float long long llrint(float);
float long long llround(float);

long double int ilogb(long double);
long double long lrint(long double);
long double long lround(long double);
long double long long llrint(long double);
long double long long llround(long double);