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568. [tr1] log2 overloads missing

Section: 8.16.4 [tr1::tr.c99.cmath.over] Status: NAD Submitter: Paolo Carlini Opened: 2006-03-07 Last modified: 2016-02-10

Priority: Not Prioritized

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log2 is missing from the list of "additional overloads" in 8.16.4 [tr1::tr.c99.cmath.over] p1.

Hinnant: This is a TR1 issue only. It is fixed in the current (N2135) WD.

[ Batavia (2009-05): ]

We agree this has been fixed in the Working Draft. Move to NAD.

Proposed resolution:

Add log2 to the list of functions in 8.16.4 [tr1::tr.c99.cmath.over] p1.