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546. [tr1] _Longlong and _ULonglong are integer types

Section: 5.1.1 [tr1::tr.rand.req] Status: NAD Submitter: Matt Austern Opened: 2006-01-10 Last modified: 2016-10-31

Priority: Not Prioritized

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The TR sneaks in two new integer types, _Longlong and _Ulonglong, in [tr.c99]. The rest of the TR should use that type. I believe this affects two places. First, the random number requirements, 5.1.1/10-11, lists all of the types with which template parameters named IntType and UIntType may be instantiated. _Longlong (or "long long", assuming it is added to C++0x) should be added to the IntType list, and UIntType (again, or "unsigned long long") should be added to the UIntType list. Second, 6.3.2 lists the types for which hash<> is required to be instantiable. _Longlong and _Ulonglong should be added to that list, so that people may use long long as a hash key.

[ 2009-07 Frankfurt ]

We are not going to fix TR1.

The paper "long long goes to the library" addresses the integration of long long into the C++0x library.

Move to NAD.

Proposed resolution: