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4019. Reversing an infinite range leads to an infinite loop

Section: 26.7.20 [range.reverse] Status: New Submitter: Barry Revzin Opened: 2023-11-25 Last modified: 2023-11-27

Priority: Not Prioritized

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Consider the following:

auto a = views::iota(0) | views::reverse;
auto b = views::repeat(42) | views::reverse;

Here, views::iota(0) and views::repeat(42) are both non-common bidirectional (even random-access) ranges. They are also infinite ranges, even if the standard doesn't really recognize that.

views::reverse on a non-common range will actually compute the end iterator for you. So while both declarations of a and b above compile, attempting to use either in any way will lead to an infinite loop when you try a.begin() or b.begin().

A reddit post suggested disallowing reversing a non-common range but that likely breaks reasonable use-cases. We could at the very least recognize ranges whose sentinel is unreachable_t and reject those from consideration. For instance, we could change []/3 to Mandate that S is not unreachable_t.

Proposed resolution: