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3799. Should <math.h> provide 3-argument ::hypot overloads?

Section: 17.14.7 [support.c.headers.other] Status: New Submitter: Jiang An Opened: 2022-10-22 Last modified: 2022-11-01

Priority: 3

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See also LWG 3782. Like lerp, neither <math.h> nor C compatibility is mentioned in P0030R1, and MSVC STL decides not to declare 3-argument hypot overloads in the global namespace (perhaps so does libc++).

Perhaps we should also avoid providing these overloads in the global namespace. However, such change seems a bit difficult for libstdc++'s <math.h>.

[2022-11-01; Reflector poll]

Set priority to 3 after reflector poll. "This affects the exports of std.compat".

Proposed resolution: