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336. Clause 17 lack of references to deprecated headers

Section: 16 [library] Status: CD1 Submitter: Detlef Vollmann Opened: 2001-09-05 Last modified: 2016-01-28

Priority: Not Prioritized

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From c++std-edit-873: [headers], Table 11. In this table, the header <strstream> is missing.

This shows a general problem: The whole clause 17 refers quite often to clauses 18 through 27, but D.7 is also a part of the standard library (though a deprecated one).

Proposed resolution:

To [headers] Table 11, C++ Library Headers, add "<strstream>".

In the following places, change "clauses 17 through 27" to "clauses 17 through 27 and Annex D":