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3166. No such descriptive element as Value:

Section: 22.3.4 [pair.astuple], 22.6.4 [variant.helper], [array.tuple], [pointer.traits.types], [allocator.traits.types], 20.5.2 [allocator.adaptor.types] Status: New Submitter: Walter Brown Opened: 2018-11-08 Last modified: 2020-09-06

Priority: 3

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In N4778, 22.3.4 [pair.astuple], 22.6.4 [variant.helper], and [array.tuple], are partly specified via a fictitious descriptive element Value: Moreover, 99 [span.tuple] is on track to do likewise in the near future.

Let's invent such a Value: element and properly document it within [structure.specifications], or else let's respecify the offending uses.

[2018-11 Reflector prioritization]

Set Priority to 3

[2020-05-01; Daniel comments]

It should be pointed out that the originally referred to Value: element has since then be renamed to Type: but the reported problem (its lack of definition) still exists in N4861.

Proposed resolution: