2943. Problematic specification of the wide version of basic_filebuf::open

Section: [filebuf.members] Status: Open Submitter: Tim Song Opened: 2017-03-09 Last modified: 2017-11-10

Priority: 2

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LWG 2676 specified basic_filebuf::open(const std::filesystem::path::value_type* s, ios_base::openmode mode) by simply reusing the specification for the const char* overload, but that specification is incorrect for the wide overload: it says that s is an NTBS — a null-terminated byte string — which it isn't. Moreover, it specifies that the file is opened as if by calling fopen(s, modstr), but that call is ill-formed if s isn't a const char*.

[2017-07 Toronto Wed Issue Prioritization]

Priority 2

[2017-11 Albuquerque Wednesday issue processing]

Status to Open; Jonathan to provide wording.

Proposed resolution: