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2743. p0083r3 node_handle private members missing "exposition only" comment

Section: [container.node.overview] Status: New Submitter: Richard Smith Opened: 2016-07-08 Last modified: 2016-08-06

Priority: 3

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The private members of node_handle are missing the usual "exposition only" comment. As a consequence, ptr_ and alloc_ now appear to be names defined by the library (so programs defining these names as macros before including a library header have undefined behavior).

Presumably this is unintentional and these members should be considered to be for exposition only.

It's also not clear whether the name node_handle is reserved for library usage or not; [container.node.overview]/3 says the implementation need not provide a type with this name, but doesn't seem to rule out the possibility that an implementation will choose to do so regardless.


A similar problem seems to exist for the exposition-only type call_wrapper from p0358r1, which exposes a private data member named fd and a typedef FD.

[2016-07 Chicago]

Jonathan says that we need to make clear that the name node_handle is not reserved

Proposed resolution: