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2395. [fund.ts] Preconditions: is defined nowhere

Section: 4.2 [fund.ts::func.wrap.func], 8.5.3 [fund.ts::memory.resource.priv], 8.6.2 [fund.ts::memory.polymorphic.allocator.ctor], 8.6.3 [fund.ts::memory.polymorphic.allocator.mem], 8.9.3 [fund.ts::memory.resource.pool.ctor], 8.10.2 [fund.ts::memory.resource.monotonic.buffer.ctor] Status: TS Submitter: Zhihao Yuan Opened: 2014-06-09 Last modified: 2017-07-30

Priority: 2

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Addresses: fund.ts

This element has been introduced by N3916, but the standard does not define it. The standard defines Requires: to indicate a precondition ( [structure.specifications] p3).

Proposed wording:

Substitute all Preconditions: with Requires:.

[2013-06-21 Rapperswil]

Accept for Fundamentals TS Working Paper

Proposed resolution:

This wording is relative to N4023.

  1. Substitute all Preconditions: with Requires:.