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2383. Overflow cannot be ill-formed for chrono::duration integer literals

Section: 29.5.9 [time.duration.literals] Status: Open Submitter: Jonathan Wakely Opened: 2014-05-16 Last modified: 2014-11-08

Priority: 3

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29.5.9 [time.duration.literals] p3 says:

If any of these suffixes are applied to an integer literal and the resulting chrono::duration value cannot be represented in the result type because of overflow, the program is ill-formed.

Ill-formed requires a diagnostic at compile-time, but there is no way to detect the overflow from unsigned long long to the signed duration<>::rep type.

Overflow could be detected if the duration integer literals were literal operator templates, otherwise overflow can either be undefined or a run-time error, not ill-formed.

[Urbana 2014-11-07: Move to Open]

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