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2355. "s" UDL suffix should be reserved for a compile-time string library type

Section: 20.3.6 [basic.string.literals] Status: NAD Submitter: Michael Price Opened: 2014-01-18 Last modified: 2016-02-10

Priority: 1

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The current draft uses the "s" UDL suffix as a UDL for basic_string<charT> (20.3.6 [basic.string.literals]). In light of EWG active issue 66 (concerning N3599), the "s" suffix (when applied to character string literals) should be reserved for a compile-time string library type.

[Issaquah 2014-10-12: Move to NAD]

We discussed leaving the s UDL suffix for string_view in Portland, and voted strongly in favor of using it for std::string. string is also an extremely widely used type, and the difference is observable in type deduction cases. In addition, a compile-time string is likely to cost significant compile time, which we don't want to make the default with s.

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