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2318. basic_string's wording has confusing relics from the copy-on-write era

Section: 20.3.2 [basic.string] Status: New Submitter: Stephan T. Lavavej Opened: 2013-09-21 Last modified: 2016-11-12

Priority: 4

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Discussion: [string.capacity]/8 specifies basic_string::resize(n, c) with:

Effects: Alters the length of the string designated by *this as follows:

This wording is a relic of the copy-on-write era. In addition to being extremely confusing, it has undesirable implications. Saying "replaces the string designated by *this with a string of length n whose elements are a copy" suggests that the trimming case can reallocate. Reallocation during trimming should be forbidden, like vector.

At least 7 paragraphs are affected: [string.capacity]/8, [string.append]/9, [string.assign]/3 and /10, [string.insert]/11, [string.erase]/4, and [string.replace]/11 say "replaces the string [designated/controlled] by *this". ( [string.copy]/3 is different — it "replaces the string designated by s".)

Of the affected paragraphs, resize() and erase() are the most important to fix because they should forbid reallocation during trimming.

Proposed resolution: