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2295. Locale name when the provided Facet is a nullptr

Section: [locale.cons] Status: New Submitter: Juan Soulie Opened: 2013-09-04 Last modified: 2022-02-14

Priority: 3

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Discussion: [locale.cons] p14 ends with:

"[…] If f is null, the resulting object is a copy of other."

but the next line p15 says:

"Remarks: The resulting locale has no name."

But both can't be true when other has a name and f is null.

I've tried it on two implementations (MSVC,GCC) and they are inconsistent with each other on this.

Daniel Krügler:

As currently written, the Remarks element applies unconditionally for all cases and thus should "win". The question arises whether the introduction of this element by LWG 424 had actually intended to change the previous Note to a Remarks element. In either case the wording should be improved to clarify this special case.

[2022-02-14; Daniel comments]

This issue seems to have some overlap with LWG 3676 so both should presumably be resolved in a harmonized way.

Proposed resolution: