2183. Muddled allocator requirements for match_results constructors

Section: 31.10.1 [re.results.const], 31.10.6 [re.results.all] Status: New Submitter: Pete Becker Opened: 2012-08-29 Last modified: 2016-02-10

Priority: 3

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31.10.1 [re.results.const] p1 says:

In all match_results constructors, a copy of the Allocator argument shall be used for any memory allocation performed by the constructor or member functions during the lifetime of the object.

There are three constructors:

match_results(const Allocator& = Allocator());
match_results(const match_results& m);
match_results(match_results&& m) noexcept;

The second and third constructors do no have an Allocator argument, so despite the "all match_results constructors", it is not possible to use "the Allocator argument" for the second and third constructors.

The requirements for those two constructors also does not give any guidance. The second constructor has no language about allocators, and the third states that the stored Allocator value is move constructed from m.get_allocator(), but doesn't require using that allocator to allocate memory.

The same basic problem recurs in 31.10.6 [re.results.all], which gives the required return value for get_allocator():

Returns: A copy of the Allocator that was passed to the object's constructor or, if that allocator has been replaced, a copy of the most recent replacement.

Again, the second and third constructors do not take an Allocator, so there is nothing that meets this requirement when those constructors are used.

Proposed resolution: