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2003. String exception inconsistency in erase.

Section: [string.require] Status: C++14 Submitter: José Daniel García Sánchez Opened: 2010-10-21 Last modified: 2016-11-12

Priority: 0

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Clause 21.4.1 [string.require]p3 states:

No erase() or pop_back() member function shall throw any exceptions.

However in [string.erase] p2 the first version of erase has

Throws: out_of_range if pos > size().

[2011-03-24 Madrid meeting]

Beman: Don't want to just change this, can we just say "unless otherwise specified"?

Alisdair: Leave open, but update proposed resolution to say something like "unless otherwise specified".

General agreement that it should be corrected but not a stop-ship.

Action: Update proposed wording for issue 2003 as above, but leave Open.

[2014-02-12 Issaquah meeting]

Jeffrey: Madrid meeting's proposed wording wasn't applied, and it's better than the original proposed wording. However, this sentence is only doing 3 functions' worth of work, unlike the similar paragraphs in 24.2.2 [container.requirements.general]. Suggest just putting "Throws: Nothing" on the 3 functions.

[2014-02-13 Issaquah meeting]

Move as Immmediate

Proposed resolution:

Remove [string.require]p/3:

3 No erase() or pop_back() member function shall throw any exceptions.

Add to the specifications of iterator erase(const_iterator p);, iterator erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last);, and void pop_back(); in [string.erase]:

Throws: Nothing