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914. Value-initialization of array types

Section:  [expr.type.conv]     Status: open     Submitter: Gabriel Dos Reis     Date: 10 June, 2009     Liaison: EWG

Although value-initialization is defined for array types and the () initializer is permitted in a mem-initializer naming an array member of a class, the syntax T() (where is an array type) is explicitly forbidden by [expr.type.conv] paragraph 2. This is inconsistent and the syntax should be permitted.

Rationale (July, 2009):

The CWG was not convinced of the utility of this extension, especially in light of questions about handling the lifetime of temporary arrays. This suggestion needs a proposal and analysis by the EWG before it can be considered by the CWG.

EWG 2022-11-11

This is a defect; a paper is needed. This is tracked in github issue cplusplus/papers#1372.