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913. Deduction rules for array- and function-type conversion functions

Section:  [temp.deduct.conv]     Status: CD2     Submitter: Steve Clamage     Date: 10 June, 2009

[Voted into WP at March, 2010 meeting.]

The rules for deducing function template arguments from a conversion function template include provisions in [temp.deduct.conv] paragraph 2 for array and function return types, even though such types are prohibited and cannot occur in the conversion-type-id of a conversion function template. They should be removed.

Proposed resolution (February, 2010):

This issue is resolved by the resolution of issue 976. In particular, under that resolution, if a conversion function returns a reference to an array or function type, the reference will be dropped prior to the adjustments mentioned in this issue, so they are, in fact, needed.