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833. Explicit conversion of a scoped enumeration value to a floating type

Section:  [expr.static.cast]     Status: CD2     Submitter: John Spicer     Date: 6 March, 2009

[Voted into WP at October, 2009 meeting.]

The current wording of [expr.static.cast] paragraph 9 does not permit conversion of a value of a scoped enumeration type to a floating point type. This was presumably an oversight during the specification of scoped enumerations and should be rectified.

Proposed resolution (July, 2009):

Change [expr.static.cast] paragraph 9 as follows:

A value of a scoped enumeration type (9.7.1 [dcl.enum]) can be explicitly converted to an integral type. The value is unchanged if the original value can be represented by the specified type. Otherwise, the resulting value is unspecified. A value of a scoped enumeration type can also be explicitly converted to a floating point type; the result is the same as that of converting from the original value to the floating point type.