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795. Dependency of lambdas on <functional>

Section: 7.5.6  [expr.prim.lambda]     Status: NAD     Submitter: UK     Date: 3 March, 2009

N2800 comment UK 45

7.5.6 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 2 says,

A closure object behaves as a function object (22.10 [function.objects])...

This linkage to <functional> increases the dependency of the language upon the library and is inconsistent with the definition of “freestanding” in [compliance].

Rationale (July, 2009):

The reference to 22.10 [function.objects] appears in a note, not in normative text, and is intended only to clarify the meaning of the term “function object.” The CWG does not believe that this reference creates any dependency on any library facility.