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742. Postfix increment/decrement with long bit-field operands

Section:  []     Status: open     Submitter: Mike Miller     Date: 11 November, 2008

Given the following declarations:

    struct S {
        signed long long sll: 3;
    S s = { -1 };

the expressions s.sll-- < 0u and s.sll < 0u have different results. The reason for this is that s.sll-- is an rvalue of type signed long long ( []), which means that the usual arithmetic conversions (Clause 7 [expr] paragraph 10) convert 0u to signed long long and the result is true. s.sll, on the other hand, is a bit-field lvalue, which is promoted (7.3.7 [conv.prom] paragraph 3) to int; both operands of < have the same rank, so s.sll is converted to unsigned int to match the type of 0u and the result is false. This disparity seems undesirable.