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679. Equivalence of template-ids and operator function templates

Section: 13.6  [temp.type]     Status: CD1     Submitter: Richard Corden     Date: 1 March, 2008

[Voted into the WP at the September, 2008 meeting.]

In order for two template-ids to refer to the same function, 13.6 [temp.type] paragraph 1, bullet 1 requires that

This makes it impossible for two template-ids referring to operator function templates to be equivalent, because only simple-template-ids have a template-name, and a template-id referring to an operator function template is not a simple-template-id (13.3 [temp.names] paragraph 1) .

Suggested resolution:

Change 13.6 [temp.type] paragraph 1, bullet 1 to read,

Proposed resolution (June, 2008):

Change 13.6 [temp.type] paragraph 1, first bullet, as follows: