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603. Type equivalence and unsigned overflow

Section: 13.6  [temp.type]     Status: CD1     Submitter: James Widman     Date: 3 November 2006

[Voted into WP at April, 2007 meeting as part of paper N2258.]

One of the requirements for two template-ids to refer to the same class or function (13.6 [temp.type] paragraph 1) is that

If we have some template of the form

  template <unsigned char c> struct A;

does this imply that A<'\001'> and A<257> (for an eight-bit char) refer to different specializations?

Jens Maurer: Looks like it should say something like, “their corresponding converted non-type template arguments of integral or enumeration type have identical values.”

Proposed resolution (April, 2007):

The change to 13.6 [temp.type] paragraph 1 shown in document J16/07-0118 = WG21 N2258, in which the syntactic non-terminal template-argument is changed to the English term “template argument” is sufficient to remove the confusion about whether the value before or after conversion is used in matching template-ids.