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57. Empty unions

Section: 11.5  [class.union]     Status: open     Submitter: Steve Adamczyk     Date: 13 Oct 1998

There doesn't seem to be a prohibition in 11.5 [class.union] against a declaration like

    union { int : 0; } x;
Should that be valid? If so, 9.4 [dcl.init] paragraph 5 third bullet, which deals with default-initialization of unions, should say that no initialization is done if there are no data members.

What about:

    union { } x;
    static union { };
If the first example is well-formed, should either or both of these cases be well-formed as well?

(See also the resolution for issue 151.)

Notes from 10/00 meeting: The resolution to issue 178, which was accepted as a DR, addresses the first point above (default initialization). The other questions have not yet been decided, however.