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549. Non-deducible parameters in partial specializations

Section:  [temp.spec.partial.match]     Status: drafting     Submitter: Martin Sebor     Date: 18 November 2005

In the following example, the template parameter in the partial specialization is non-deducible:

    template <class T> struct A { typedef T U; };
    template <class T> struct C { };
    template <class T> struct C<typename A<T>::U> { };

Several compilers issue errors for this case, but there appears to be nothing in the Standard that would make this ill-formed; it simply seems that the partial specialization will never be matched, so the primary template will be used for all specializations. Should it be ill-formed?

(See also issue 1246.)

Notes from the April, 2006 meeting:

It was noted that there are similar issues for constructors and conversion operators with non-deducible parameters, and that they should probably be dealt with similarly.

Additional note, December, 2021:

The original issue, but not the *#8220;similar issues *#8221; pointed out in the 2006-04 note, was resolved by the changes for issue 1315 and paper P0127R2.