This is an unofficial snapshot of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 Core Issues List revision 110b. See for the official list.


51. Overloading and user-defined conversions

Section: 12.2.4  []     Status: TC1     Submitter: Steve Adamczyk     Date: 13 Oct 1998

In 12.2.4 [] paragraph 1, bullet 4 of the second set of bullets, there is a cross-reference to 9.4 [dcl.init] and [over.match.conv] . I believe it should also reference [over.match.ref] . I think the phrase "initialization by user-defined conversion" was intended to refer to all initializations using user-defined conversions, and not just the case in [over.match.conv] . Referring to only [over.match.conv] suggests a narrower meaning of the phrase. [over.match.copy] , although it does deal with initialization by user-defined conversion, does not need to be referenced because it deals with class —> class cases, and therefore there are no standard conversions involved that could be compared.