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498. Storage class specifiers in definitions of class members

Section: 9.2.2  []     Status: open     Submitter: Matt Austern     Date: 13 Jan 2005

Suppose we've got this class definition:

    struct X {
       void f();
       static int n;

I think I can deduce from the existing standard that the following member definitions are ill-formed:

    static void X::f() { }
    static int X::n;

To come to that conclusion, however, I have to put together several things in different parts of the standard. I would have expected to find an explicit statement of this somewhere; in particular, I would have expected to find it in 9.2.2 []. I don't see it there, or anywhere.

Gabriel Dos Reis: Or in 6.6 [] which is about linkage. I would have expected that paragraph to say that that members of class types have external linkage when the enclosing class has an external linkage. Otherwise 6.6 [] paragraph 8:

Names not covered by these rules have no linkage.

might imply that such members do not have linkage.

Notes from the April, 2005 meeting:

The question about the linkage of class members is already covered by 6.6 [] paragraph 5.