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414. Multiple types found on destructor lookup

Section: _N4868_.6.5.6  [basic.lookup.classref]     Status: CD1     Submitter: John Spicer     Date: 1 May 2003

[Voted into WP at the October, 2006 meeting.]

By _N4868_.6.5.6 [basic.lookup.classref] paragraph 3, the following is ill-formed because the two lookups of the destructor name (in the scope of the class of the object and in the surrounding context) find different Xs:

  struct X {};
  int main() {
    X x;
    struct X {};
    x.~X();  // Error?

This is silly, because the compiler knows what the type has to be, and one of the things found matches that. The lookup should require only that one of the lookups finds the required class type.

Proposed resolution (April, 2005):

This issue is resolved by the resolution of issue 305.