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376. Class "definition" versus class "declaration"

Section: 9.2.3  [dcl.fct.spec]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Randy Maddox     Date: 28 August 2002

In 9.2.3 [dcl.fct.spec], para. 3, the following sentence

A function defined within a class definition is an inline function.

should, if I am not mistaken, instead be:

A function defined within a class declaration is an inline function."

Notes from October 2002 meeting:

This is not a defect. Though there is a long history, going back to the ARM, of use of the term "class declaration" to mean the definition of the class, we believe "class definition" is clearer. We have opened issue 379 to deal with changing all other uses of "class declaration" to "class definition" where appropriate.