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368. Uses of non-type parameters that should cause deduction to fail

Section: 13.10.3  [temp.deduct]     Status: CD1     Submitter: Jason Shirk     Date: 29 July 2002

[Voted into WP at October 2003 meeting.]

I understand the rules in 13.10.3 [temp.deduct] paragraph 2 are meant to be an exhaustive list of what can cause type deduction to fail.


  template<typename U,U u> struct wrap_t;

  template<typename U> static yes check( wrap_t<U,U(0)>* );

  struct X { X(int); };
  int main() {

I can see 2 reasons this might cause type deduction to fail:

Neither case is mentioned in 13.10.3 [temp.deduct] paragraph 2, nor do I see a DR mentioning these.

Proposed resolution (October 2002):

Add after the fourth-to-last bullet of 13.10.3 [temp.deduct] paragraph 2: