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358. Namespaces and extern "C"

Section: 9.11  []     Status: NAD     Submitter: Steve Clamage     Date: 28 May 2002

Is this code valid:

  extern "C" void f();

  namespace N
    int var;
    extern "C" void f(){ var = 10; }

The two declarations of f refer to the same external function, but is this a valid way to declare and define f?

And is the definition of f considered to be in namespace N or in the global namespace?

Notes from October 2002 meeting:

Yes, this example is valid. See 9.11 [] paragraph 6, which contains a similar example with the definition in the global namespace instead. There is only one f, so the question of whether the definition is in the global namespace or the namespace N is not meaningful. The same function is found by name lookup whether it is found from the declaration in namespace N or the declaration in the global namespace, or both (9.8.4 [namespace.udir] paragraph 4) .