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3. The template compilation model rules render some explicit specialization declarations not visible during instantiation

Section: 13.9.4  [temp.expl.spec]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Bill Gibbons     Date: unknown

[N1065 issue 1.19] An explicit specialization declaration may not be visible during instantiation under the template compilation model rules, even though its existence must be known to perform the instantiation correctly. For example:

translation unit #1

      template<class T> struct A { };
      export template<class T> void f(T) { A<T> a; }
translation unit #2
      template<class T> struct A { };
      template<> struct A<int> { }; // not visible during instantiation
      template<class T> void f(T);
      void g() { f(1); }
Rationale: This issue was addressed in the C++11 FDIS and should have been closed.