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293. Syntax of explicit instantiation/specialization too permissive

Section: 13.9.3  [temp.explicit]     Status: open     Submitter: Mark Mitchell     Date: 27 Jun 2001

13.9.3 [temp.explicit] defines an explicit instantiation as

Syntactically, that allows things like:

    template int S<int>::i = 5, S<int>::j = 7;

which isn't what anyone actually expects. As far as I can tell, nothing in the standard explicitly forbids this, as written. Syntactically, this also allows:

    template namespace N { void f(); }

although perhaps the surrounding context is enough to suggest that this is invalid.

Suggested resolution:

I think we should say:

[Steve Adamczyk: presumably, this should have template at the beginning.]

and then say that:

There are similar problems in 13.9.4 [temp.expl.spec]:

Here, I think we want:

with similar restrictions as above.

[Steve Adamczyk: This also needs to have template <> at the beginning, possibly repeated.]