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2724. Clarify rounding for arithmetic right shift

Section: 7.6.7  [expr.shift]     Status: DRWP     Submitter: Jan Schultke     Date: 2023-04-07

[Accepted as a DR at the June, 2023 meeting.]

(From editorial issue 6225.)

Subclause 7.6.7 [expr.shift] paragraph 3 specifies:

The value of E1 >> E2 is E1/2E2, rounded down.

It is unclear whether "rounded down" means "towards zero" or "towards negative infinity".

Proposed resolution (approved by CWG 2023-05-12):

Change in 7.6.7 [expr.shift] paragraph 3 as follows:

The value of E1 >> E2 is E1/2E2, rounded down towards negative infinity.