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2722. Temporary materialization conversion for noexcept operator

Section:  [expr.unary.noexcept]     Status: DR     Submitter: Brian Bi     Date: 2023-04-24

[Accepted as a DR at the June, 2023 meeting.]

It is unclear whether noexcept(A()) applies the temporary materialization conversion to the prvalue A(). The resolution of issue 1354 suggests that it does so that the destructor is (notionally) invoked.

Proposed resolution (approved by CWG 2023-05-12):

Change in [expr.unary.noexcept] paragraph 3 as follows:

If the operand is a prvalue, the temporary materialization conversion (7.3.5 [conv.rval]) is applied. The result of the noexcept operator is true unless the expression full-expression of the operand is potentially-throwing (14.5 [except.spec]).