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2718. Type completeness for derived-to-base conversions

Section:  [expr.static.cast]     Status: DRWP     Submitter: Jim X     Date: 2023-04-09

[Accepted as a DR at the June, 2023 meeting.]

Issue 2310 clarified class completeness requirements for derived-to-base pointer conversions, but neglected the corresponding lvalue conversion.

Proposed resolution (approved by CWG 2023-04-28):

Change in [expr.static.cast] paragraph 2 as follows:

An lvalue of type “cv1 B”, where B is a class type, can be cast to type “reference to cv2 D”, where D is a complete class derived (11.7 [class.derived]) from B, if cv2 is the same cv-qualification as, or greater cv-qualification than, cv1. ...