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2592. Missing definition for placement allocation/deallocation function

Section:  []     Status: open     Submitter: Jim X     Date: 2022-04-14

Subclause [] has multiple references to "placement allocation function" and "placement deallocation function", but those terms are never defined. The term "usual deallocation function" is defined in [] paragraph 3:

... A usual deallocation function is a deallocation function whose parameters after the first are

Possible resolution:

  1. Split [] paragraph 1 and change it as follows:

    ... The value of the first parameter is interpreted as the requested size of the allocation. A usual allocation function is an allocation function with no parameters after the first or with a single parameter of type std::align_val_t after the first.

    An allocation function can be a function template. ...

CWG 2023-06-17

Replace "placement allocation / deallocation function" with "not a usual allocation / deallocation function".