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2527. Non-class potentially-overlapping objects

Section: 9.12.11  [dcl.attr.nouniqueaddr]     Status: NAD     Submitter: Jiang An     Date: 2022-01-29

The definition of a “potentially-overlapping subobject” in 6.7.2 [intro.object] paragraph 7 does not exclude non-class subobjects; in particular, 9.12.11 [dcl.attr.nouniqueaddr] makes no restrictions on the types of members declared with the no_unique_address attribute. It is not clear that a potentially-overlapping scalar member or array of scalar elements is useful. Should there be a restriction on the type of potentially-overlapping subjects?

CWG 2022-11-11

Restricting the type of a potentially-overlapping subobject would make it difficult to use no_unique_address on a subobject of dependent type, which may be a non-class type in some, but not all, specializations. Compilers can warn about non-sensical uses in non-dependent contexts.