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2509. decl-specifier-seq in lambda-specifiers

Section:  [expr.prim.lambda.general]     Status: CD6     Submitter: Jens Maurer     Date: 2021-10-28

[Accepted at the February, 2022 meeting.]

(From editorial issue 2338.)

Use of decl-specifier-seq in the production for lambda-specifiers is too general and should be restricted.

Proposed resolution (December, 2021):

  1. Change the grammar in [expr.prim.lambda.general] as follows:

  2. Change [expr.prim.lambda.general] paragrap 3 as follows:

  3. In the decl-specifier-seq of the lambda-declarator, each decl-specifier shall be one of mutable, constexpr, or consteval. A lambda-specifier-seq shall contain at most one of each lambda-specifier and shall not contain both constexpr and consteval. If the lambda-declarator contains an explicit object parameter ( [dcl.fct]), then no decllambda-specifier in the decllambda-specifier-seq shall be mutable.