This is an unofficial snapshot of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 Core Issues List revision 114b. See for the official list.


25. Exception specifications and pointers to members

Section: 14.5  [except.spec]     Status: TC1     Submitter: unknown     Date: unknown

14.5 [except.spec] paragraph 3 should say what happens when two pointers to members with different exception specifications are assigned to each other, initialized with one another, etc.

Proposed Resolution (04/99): Change the text in 14.5 [except.spec] paragraph 3 from:

Similarly, any function or pointer to function assigned to, or initializing, a pointer to function shall only allow exceptions that are allowed by the pointer or function being assigned to or initialized.
A similar restriction applies to assignment to and initialization of pointers to functions, pointers to member functions, and references to functions: the target entity shall allow at least the exceptions allowed by the source value in the assignment or initialization.