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2432. Return types for defaulted <=>

Section: 11.10.3  [class.spaceship]     Status: C++20     Submitter: Richard Smith     Date: 2019-08-14

[Adopted as a DR at the November, 2019 meeting.]

It is unclear what the constraints are on the type R. We define the "synthesized three-way comparison for comparison category type R", but it's defined in such a way that it works for an arbitrary type R, and the uses of it do not impose a constraint that R is a comparison category type. Should it be permissible to default an operator<=> with some other return type, so long as the construction described in 11.10.3 [class.spaceship] works (specifically, so long as all subobjects have operator<=>s that can be converted to the specified return type)?

Proposed resolution (September, 2019)

Change 11.10.3 [class.spaceship] paragraphs 1-3, changing the running text of paragraph 2 to into a bulleted list, as follows:

The synthesized three-way comparison for comparison category of type R (17.11.2 [cmp.categories]) of glvalues a and b...

Let R be the declared return type of a defaulted three-way comparison operator function. Given an expanded list of subobjects for an object x of type C, let Ri be the type of the expression xi <=> xi is denoted by Ri. If , or void if overload resolution as applied to xi <=> xi that expression does not find a usable function, then Ri is void.

...until the first index i where the synthesized three-way comparison for comparison category of type R between xi and yi yields...