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2280. Matching a usual deallocation function with placement new

Section:  []     Status: C++20     Submitter: Richard Smith     Date: 2016-06-27

[Accepted as a DR at the November, 2019 meeting.]

The restrictions in [] against a placement deallocation function signature matching a usual deallocation function signature consider only std::size_t parameters, omitting std::align_val_t parameters.

Proposed resolution (February, 2017):

Change [] paragraph 27 as follows:

A declaration of a placement deallocation function matches the declaration of a placement allocation function if it has the same number of parameters and, after parameter transformations ( [dcl.fct]), all parameter types except the first are identical. If the lookup finds a single matching deallocation function, that function will be called; otherwise, no deallocation function will be called. If the lookup finds a usual deallocation function with a parameter of type std::size_t ( []) and that function, considered as a placement deallocation function, would have been selected as a match for the allocation function, the program is ill-formed. For a non-placement allocation function, the normal deallocation function lookup is used to find the matching deallocation function ( [expr.delete]). [Example:...